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Nolita Lobo-Mutschlechner \ud83e\udd1f\ud83c\udffd \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udfff<\/h2>\n
Co-Founder<\/div>\n <\/div>\n
\n \n From understanding the nuances of marketing precious jewelry in India (Tanishq, Titan Industries Pvt. Ltd) to Sports, Lifestyle, Gen Z, sneaker and streetwear culture in EEMEA (PUMA Group) my experience has been broad.\n

\n Localization has always been key for me. In the EEMEA region this rings especially true due to its diversity.\n

\n I managed teams who activated around the biggest global football tournament in Russia in 2019, AFCON and set up grass roots programs for both football and running to solidify the PUMA brand presence in these key segments. \n

\n We connected run crews from around the world and gave them an experience they still talk about. Just search #Rundalism. From early on I understood the importance of the digital space. Not solely to serve content but equally important for conversion.\n

\n I believe brands should say as little about themselves as possible and let consumers be their advocates.\n <\/div>\n <\/div>\n <\/div>\n<\/div>\n "}